Friday, February 17, 2012


I look at my body of work - all hanging in my new home - and remain so attached to the elegance of still life. In the case of past paintings, the subject matter rarely focused on anything but the usual suspects - silver teapots, spoons, colorful glassware, ribbons, silk fabrics. I still love those cherished pieces, but find I'm a bit...bored?... by them now. Maybe it's the move out of state, maybe the location and change of scenery. Maybe I'm just evolving to a new place in my craft. Whatever it is, I'm feeling less compelled than I have in over 25 years to work with the same subject matter, and seeing so much more potential in the area surrounding the outside of my home.

Moving in this direction is not life-altering and won't make a blip on the art scene in any significant way, but I do feel an edgy sort of excitement about changing the course of my work a bit. I'm comfortable in my chosen genre of silks and china, and the accolades have been generous and motivating....but this shift towards something new and different is irresistible.
Moreover, what I felt while working on this piece was a renewed sense of anticipation and excitement that it was working for me, working with me and captivating my soul again. I haven't felt that about my painting in several years now.

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