Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Icy Paint

Blue is another sketch in progress, focusing on the eyes of this beautiful paint horse residing at a local horse rescue farm. His demeanor fits his icy blue eyes - cool, distant and frosty. There's no gentle nuzzling from this one's nose, seeking carrots hidden in my jacket. He doesn't want any part of me, and that's fine. I'm told to keep my fingers away from his muzzle. I keep my distance and admire those pretty attributes from a safe place behind the fence. Safe for him - he's the rescue and needs to feel he is out of harms way. The way he was treated before his rescue probably explains his suspicion of strangers like me, and I pose no threat. He knows it now, but still chooses to give me a wide berth. I must get my glimpses and sketches quickly before he moves away. At some point I hope to become at least trustworthy enough that he will remain close for me give him a carrot!

The Black Friesian

Working on a small painting of two horses I met at a local horse farm. I am enthralled by the large black  friesian, a regal and gentle giant. He is tender with the other horses even as he towers over them. He poses without trying - there's not a position he assumes that isn't flat-out gorgeous. When I come by to study the group, he comes to me at the fence and studies me. There's a familiarity about him. He reaches his long velvety nose through the fence to check me out for treats (I must remember to bring carrots next time), nuzzling my camera, my pads, my backpack. Then he pulls back and studies me - honestly, it feels as if he is communicating.

Watching the dynamics in the corral could entertain me for an entire day. The donkey, Jango, is bonded to Brody the draft horse, but he stands watch over the herd with his tiny little stature... as they circle to protect him when a stranger is in their midst. The black beauty has his favorites in the herd, the chestnut above and a silver mare. The striking sight of the silver mare next to the friesian is art in and of itself.