Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My mother, Ruth, passed away 5 years ago last week, just shy of her 85th birthday. The days right before she died she griped in her hilarious, self-deprecating way about how she just COULD NOT accept that she would actually live to be 85 - to her, this landmark age went beyond being an "ancient old relic". There's no doubt in my mind that she might have smiled as she moved into the next world, knowing that she needn't face that frightful age officially. For Ruthy was ready to go; in fact beyond ready. Her heart was slowing down to the point that moving from one room to another was a workout, and her world had narrowed down to a pinpoint. This robust, unstoppable force of a woman, with a big heart and bigger laugh morphed to a tiny, fragile old lady - the too-big heart being her undoing in the end. Through it all - the hospitals, rehab centers, progressing from her proud independence to a cane and then to a walker and wheelchair, she never lost her remarkable sense of humor.

After five years I still miss our daily talks and her ability to make me laugh out loud, and often. There are moments when I will pick up the phone, the urge still so great to call her that I forget she's gone. I miss how she always 'had my back', even from afar. But I have a sense she still does, that she has all of our backs and that comforts me.

And last Thursday, on the day she would've turned 90, I believe she was somewhere laughing at the notion that she didn't have to endure the 'torture' of reaching THAT ripe old milestone.

Under 500

I'm currently working on a few small paintings for the "Under 500" art show at the Bendheim Gallery in Greenwich, CT. The show goes up at the end of April and on display through June 16. All the work will be priced at $500 and under, which is great considering the current economy. I'm hoping to include around 6 paintings for this one and looking forward to working again with the Greenwich Arts Council at Bendheim Gallery - it's a great group! More details and images included in the show to come.....

Saturday, March 7, 2009

French Lilacs is currently showing at the Norwalk Community College Gallery in Norwalk. 

Upcoming "Under 500" show at the Bendheim Gallery in Greenwich

I am currently working on small paintings for an upcoming show of former solo artists featured at the Bendheim Gallery in downtown Greenwich May through June. All work shown in the gallery will be offered for no greater than $500, framed. I will be hanging several new small works for the show, similar in size and content to Pear on Vintage (12x12 framed).

Please stay tuned and I will post more details as they come, and follow the link for information on the Bendheim Gallery.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Twin racoon babies

Baby racoons are a familiar visitor at the Wildlife in Crisis sanctuary. These two were being cuddled by a staff member
as they showed us their trademark masked faces.