Monday, April 14, 2008

Tulips and Persimmon

Moving on to the background! With the intensity of color there is much layering and patience involved. I have been taking this process slowly and steadily and am quite happy with the results to date.

The background satin drape is a vintage fabric that I found as part of a collection at an estate sale. It was purchased, along with a trunkload of other great fabrics, by a very wealthy and eccentric elderly woman from Bridgeport back in the fifties, who seemed to enjoy their beauty and color to the point of purchasing several yards of each fabric, but never used them for dressmaking - or anything else for that matter. I've not seen fabrics quite like these elsewhere, which is why I love using them in my still life. This one, as will be revealed as I paint, has a deep purple hue with a geometric pattern of black matte rectangles throughout. The rectangles are clustered sporadically, and are fairly subtle, but add a nice interest to the satin's finish.

I will post details of the fabric as I head into this week of working on this area.