Friday, June 26, 2009

The sweetest face

I was struck by the sweetness of this kitten's face, which compelled me to paint him! How can one resist such a face? All kittens are darling, but this one is just gorgeous. I loved the expression he has - one of our cats used to relax with one eye slightly squinted much like this kitten's left eye is - I always took it as a sign of contentedness.

He came to SCP very shy and very quiet along with his brother, both clinging close to mom. The kittens were born in a backyard and brought to the cat project to be socialized and adopted. They are doing quite well!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Puffy, the calm study

Such a gorgeous cat to work with! Puffy is my first officially commissioned pet portrait. Her family, Fran and Dave, rescued her as a kitten through the Stratford Cat Project.

Puffy wasn't initially as outgoing as some of their other cats, but she had a sweet presence (along with her fabulously voluminous coat) that drew your eye to her. When I met her, her pale yellow eyes shone with a quiet intelligence and alert calm - I wanted to bring that out in the painting. She studies you with a calm eye. She is not a timid cat, just as she is not a supplicating one. She is coolly gorgeous, and knows it. To best catch the overall demeanor of Puffy, I wanted to highlight her muted tortie coloring, the rich, soft thickness of her fur, while allowing the sheen on the edges to come through.