Monday, March 4, 2013

Belgian Grazing

Driving 2 minutes out of the Portsmouth town proper in any direction will take you past a horse farm. I like that about New Hampshire and missed it when we lived in CT. Granted, I usually see the horses as I'm driving and they're usually grazing, head down and neck one long line to the grassy landscape. This day as I drove down a country road past homes tucked in the woods, I passed a small farm with a hilly pasture and two draft horses grazing below the road and I just sat and watched them for a while. The farm owners are elderly and werer very generous about allowing me to roam their farm, taking photos of the animals. They have two black cows and a barn full of kittens who were spooked by my presence and spent most of the time peeking at me from under a tractor. The setting, the animals, the old couple - such a charming, simple slice of heaven.

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