Friday, December 18, 2009


Tattoo is my sister and her husband, Paul's cat. Even in her late teens, Tattoo still maintains her youthful good looks =)
In the original photo that I worked from, Tattoo is sitting just a few inches away from a gift she is offering to her people: a
dead mole. After much reflection, I chose to eliminate the mole from the final painting for obvious reasons, but I loved the expression of self-satisfied boredom on her face, inches away from the little mole whose fatal misfortune was to underestimated her speed and skill as a elderly cat!

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jschmeichel said...

Tattoo is greatly enjoying the early spring weather and still hoping to catch another mole. I love this picture and it hangs in our home, but even more, I love I can look it up on your site when I am traveling. It is so Tattoo, so casual, and cool.