Saturday, December 5, 2009

Poppy and Petunia

Poppy/Petunia isn't a commissioned painting, but I'm including their portrait here since their 'parents' are long time animal welfare advocates in the Chicago area. These two girls are indoor kitties, but they have cousins who are ferals, cared for and loved by their adopted people, Ron and Nancy. Because of the nature of feral cats, Ron and Nancy have provided a safe haven in their garage and back deck. They are fed, nutured and provided healthcare, and allowed to live their lives as they have become accustomed while knowing that they are being protected.'

Poppy and Tunie aspire to be outdoor huntresses like their feral cousins, but for now they are happy to live vicariously in the warm, sunny pool of light by the window.

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Anonymous said...

The Coolleys in Chicago sound like a wonderful couple. r