Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Meet Laughing Fox and Killdeer, my two new portraits of animals rescued through the Wildlife in Crisis group in Weston.
The back stories on these two are quite sad, especially for Laughing Fox, but the good news is that once they were brought in to WIC they were cared for, rehabilitated and set back out into the wild to live as they were meant to.

The ongoing issue with the majority of these injured animals is the encroachment of land development into their habitat. For injured birds like the killdeer, the issue is free roaming cats, usually domesticated cats - yet another good reason to keep our cats inside and safe!

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Suzanne McDermott said...

More remarkable work. So glad we have someone like you to capture these beauties. The killdeer down and feathers are amazing! Oh, yes. And you have another vote here to keep those kitties inside! Or at least supervised while playing outside. My 3 felines make the best of their brief excursions but are domesticated, like it or not.