Thursday, February 12, 2009


This is Amelia, a shy little kitten with beautiful tortoiseshell markings. She reminds me of my cat from years ago we named Gremlin - same luxurious coat and tiny white markings on the face. We brought Gremlin home as a kitten from a loving family with several little kids, so she was quite friendly and had a ton of character. In fact, Gremlin had significantly wonderful ATTITUDE, which I've heard is a signature quality among tortoiseshell cats. I don't know if that's true, but it sure was the case with Gremlin (who, by the way, was appropriately named after the wild little creatures in the 80's movie of the same name as she reminded us of their leader, Spike!).

Amelia is very shy, but coming into her own. She was brought to Stratford Cat Project as a terrified kitten, who's slowly warming to her environment and caretakers. She is gentle in her shyness, but I sense that somewhere hidden in that beautiful tortie coat is another fun-loving Gremlin. In fact, recently I found that she plays a wicked game of laser-mouse tag!


Theresa said...

She's lovely Kim!!! I especially love those big golden eyes of hers. :)



Ronnie said...

Beautiful. I found you at wonderful Sandy's blog.
A lot to explore here!!