Thursday, July 23, 2009


Moose was in the first litter born into the Stratford Cat Project. His mother, Haley, was rescued into the project in March 2007 on a very snowy cold day. She was pregnant and alone. On the morning of April 9 2007, Haley gave birth to a litter of 4 balls of fur. Moose, named for his size, was the biggest puffball in the litter. He grew quickly, resembling the beautiful Maine Coon breed of cat with his large size, gorgeous coloring and lush coat of fur. He was the leader of the litter and became the favorite at SCP with the volunteers for his loving nature. He was adopted by SCP volunteers Dave and Fran who fell for Moose's handsome features and his sweet, social personality. Now two years old, Moose loves his family, and greets everyone who comes to the door with the air of a perfect host. When I met the cats in Fran and Dave's household, Moose was my guide - he stayed close to my side and planted himself in front of my camera - this is a boy who loves to be photographed!

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