Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This is the beginnings of a little portrait of Barley - the world's sweetest little cat! He's a little mite for a male cat, but is adorned with gorgeous, long butterscotch fur featuring a brilliant white face, bib and mittens. I'm still working on the eyes, as I haven't quite captured the big-eyed gentleness of this cat - or the slightly cross-eyed gaze. A work in progress, but what a great subject.....

As a side note, Barley plays a mean game of laser mouse!


Suzanne McDermott said...

Kimberly! Your work is magnificent! Absolutely gorgeous. These last two posts threaten to rename your blog title to Watercolor Mewsings (just kidding).
You should go see Mineke Reinder's blog. She's working on a second set of watercolor cats right now that are quite lovely.

I have to laugh at the expression you've caught on Barley's face! I'm looking forward to your coming posts.

Theresa said...

Kim he's so very sweet... that face... you say you don't have it quiet right... but already his character is coming through. :)